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Welcome to Angelique Swann Esthetics & Wellness Solutions. Established in 2014, Angelique has created a beautiful, relaxing studio with a unique atmosphere that is clean, quiet and comfortable. With Angelique’s passion for her craft and beautiful, personable energy, you are welcomed into this space to receive services performed with skill and expertise to help you achieve your best life. You get to enjoy some much needed self care, while I take care of you.

Angelique is a 15-year licensed esthetician obsessed with pro-aging, excellent customer service, and results-driven services while providing you with an amazing experience. Her services encompass everything you need to have clear, radiant skin, smooth wax results, gorgeous brows and lashes, along with holistic life-balancing offerings that include yoga, wellness and nutrition. When YOU are in balance with your life, the world is yours! Angelique loves learning, and has hundreds of hours of post-graduate education and certifications, which allows her to help you with creating healthy skin, amazing wax results, and beautiful brows & lashes in a relaxing, clean, and safe environment. Her passion in helping people shows in her services – she love to dote on her clients and you leave her studio feeling brand new.

What are you waiting for? Contact me today to discuss how we, together, can make a difference in YOUR life. I look forward to serving you.

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