What is a Functional Medicine (FM) Detox?

How A Functional Medicine Detox Works

The purpose of a Functional Medicine (FM) Detox is to decrease inflammation and toxins in your body by improving the cleansing power of your liver, which filters all of the blood in your body every 3 minutes.

It works by removing harmful build-up from within the body and flushing out toxins that have accumulated over time—allowing your body the opportunity to perform optimally. It’s like cleaning your car’s fuel filter. The clean filter is able to remove new toxins more effectively and the fuel flows more efficiently too.

In fact, hidden toxicities is one of the top reasons many people struggle to regain their health and wellness and that’s why FM detoxes work so effectively—they get to the root cause of the problem by addressing an underlying issue!

I completed my first 7-day detox over 2 years ago. Not only am I down 13 pounds (yay!), but a myriad of issues I’ve been dealing with are gone! #brainfog #insomnia #achingjoints



Dr. Cabral Detox Benefits
Benefits of detox:

  • ​Address the underlying causes that are keeping you from losing weight
  • Restore your health and vitality
  • Cleanse your body of stored toxins
  • Rebalance your body and get to the root cause of your health issues

Dr. Cabral’s detox is designed to be used in 7-day increments, up to 21-days at a time. FM Detoxing is recommended quarterly to keep your body healthy and balanced – think of it as a seasonal reset.

How it works:

Days 1-2 are comprised of what is essentially a liquid fast. The Daily Nutritional Support shakes include all of your daily vitamin and mineral requirements. By fasting these two days (including the required supplements for liver support), you’re giving your digestive system a break which allows your body to fully utilize energy for healing at a cellular level.

Days 3-7 are comprised of a shake for breakfast, a vegetarian lunch, a mid-afternoon shake, and a Paleo dinner (quality protein: animal or vegetarian, and veggies).

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you can do up to a 21-day detox (3 weeks, 3 kits) the first time, then fall back to a 7-day detox quarterly to help keep you balanced.

If you don’t have any weight to lose, you can modify the first two days – all info is included in your kit!

It’s always a great time to focus, or refocus on our health.

Dr. Cabral Detox Options

  1. For a quick health reset or to lose 5-10 lbs, choose the 7-Day Detox.
  2. For deeper healing or to lose 10 lbs, choose the 14- Day Detox.
  3. For ongoing health issues, or to lose 15 lbs, choose the 21-Day Detox.

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7-Day Detox