My Philosophy

Hi, I’m Angelique!

Hi, I’m Angelique! I’m a 18-year Licensed Esthetician and Integrative Health Practitioner obsessed with pro-aging, excellent customer service, and results-driven services and protocols while providing you with an amazing experience. My philosophy is simple: Our skincare journey leads to whole body wellness – our skin literally represents our inner health. Working together, we can take an integrative approach to improving your skin, your health, and enhancing your life.

Whether you’re struggling with skin issues, curious about waxing, seeking brow perfection, or simply yearning for a healthier you, your journey is the heartbeat of my practice.


My Core Intentions


It all starts here. Acknowledging the good fortune we have in connecting and nurturing our relationships gives us more joy and satisfaction in all that we do together – and in life!



Your energy is a valuable resource; you don’t want to spend it just anywhere. Know that our time together will fill your cup, and leave you feeling better than ever, ready to take on the world.


Like you, I’m a busy professional with a full schedule.  I strive to be punctual and appreciate the same from my clientele. Your time is important so you can trust that when you arrive on time, we will start your service on time.


You can trust that your services are competently performed based on quality education, experience, love and intention to serve you wherever you are in your journey.


Who is Angelique Swann?

 Meet Angelique, a seasoned esthetician with 18 years of expertise, deeply passionate about pro-aging, impeccable customer service, and delivering results-driven treatments and wellness protocols that guarantee an exceptional experience.

Angelique’s repertoire of services encompasses everything you need for luminous, clear skin, flawlessly smooth waxing, and stunning brows and lashes. Beyond the realm of beauty, she extends her offerings to holistic life-balancing experiences, incorporating integrative health coaching for true wellness and vitality. Angelique believes that when you achieve balance in your life, the world becomes yours to conquer. Her commitment to continuous learning is evident in her extensive post-graduate education and numerous certifications.

This wealth of knowledge enables her to guide you towards being your best self ever – with radiant skin all over, impeccable waxing, beautiful brows and lashes, and rebalancing your health for true equilibrium within a serene, clean, and secure environment. Angelique’s genuine passion for helping people shines through in her services — she takes pride in pampering her clients, ensuring you leave her studio feeling rejuvenated and utterly renewed.

Invest in yourself…makeover your life!


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