say goodbye to shaving


Why shave daily when you can wax monthly? There are many benefits of waxing versus shaving. – No more nicks and cuts, razor burn and the cost savings will also benefit you over time. Waxing promotes softer, smoother skin because it also exfoliates. The hair regrowth process takes weeks versus days and the regrowth is much softer and finer. Waxing can also help eliminate ingrown hairs and the regrown hair becomes sparser over time.

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Treatment Menu

Brow Shaping

Includes pencil/powder fill and highlighter.

Full Face

Includes lip, chin, cheeks – does not include brows.


Remove hair from cheeks/sides of face

Full Legs

Leg wax from hips to ankle – toes included, if needed.

Half Legs

Half leg wax from knee to ankle – toes included, if needed.

Women's Full Body

Can be customized to your needs – please schedule the free consultation for details. Includes Underarms, Bikini/Brazilian, and Half or Full Legs. Save $5 with this bundle.

Chest or Back

For both women and men.


For both women and men.


Skin Treatments

Achieve your dream skin results


Powder Brows

Semi-permanent brows


Lash Extensions

Achieve instant, dramatic results

“Exceptional services, a welcoming space and AMAZING self care services!”

“I’ve been a client for about 6 years now and always look forward to my appointments. Not only do I receive high-level quality services with her extended knowledge and amazing products, but being in Angelique’s presence leaves me with a positive & uplifted feeling. Angelique has given me nourishing facials, lash extensions and my latest… powder eyebrows! These services have improved my confidence and reduced my morning get-ready routine time. I highly recommend Angelique!! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment! I promise, you won’t regret it!”

Hollie M.