June is coming in HOT! 🥵 Summer pun intended! 

Here we go again…coming up on summer in Texas temps after a preview a few weeks ago. While there are certain people with health issues that definitely need to stay cool and not get overheated, it’s actually more effective and better for your health to embrace the heat.

Here are 5 effective ways to embrace the heat: 

#1 – Hydrate, hydrate & HYDRATE

As the weather heats up it’s even more important to drink plenty of water. Most people are chronically dehydrated and don’t even realize it! The warmer temps mean more sweating, which is great for detoxification, but it also means losing vital fluids. Strive to get at least half your body weight in ounces in water in each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you want a minimum of 75 oz. of water intake daily. That equals about 5 of the standard 16oz water bottles. If you’re planning to be outdoors or in warmer environments, shoot for more. 

Pro tip:  Make your own batch of nature’s gatorade! Simply add lemon or lime juice to your water, then add a pinch of Himalayan sea salt. The citrus juices add potassium and the salt is sodium. The potassium/sodium balance supports our electrolytes and helps keep our body hydrated and energized. Plus, its tasty, and adds flavor especially if you’re not excited about drinking water, this is a good segue into getting more in. 

#2 – Acclimate

Say what?! Ha ha, I know what you’re thinking, but this actually works! Our bodies function better when they stay at a fairly constant temperature. When we go from 100 degree heat into an air conditioned building that’s cooled to 65-70 degrees, that’s over 30 degrees difference. And, then going back out into the heat reverses that – that’s why we feel so awful when it’s hot out. 

Consider this – if during the warmer months you strive to stay warmer, it will help your body temp regulate and you’ll actually feel better. I know it’s difficult to follow these tips working inside an office that keeps it chilled (stores, too!) but keep sweaters on hand for those times to stay warm, and see if you can have them bump it up a few degrees. 

Pro tips to help acclimate: keep your A/C up and strive to keep the difference in temperature from inside/outside to within 15-20 degrees. I keep my home A/C set at 80-84, depending on the time of day. Also, when you get in your hot car after work, roll the windows down and keep them down for a bit while you roll out even with the A/C on. 

#3 – Cooler Foods & Eating Seasonally

Eating seasonally can really help us acclimate to the heat better. Smoothies and fruit for breakfast, salads for lunch & dinner go a long way to help keep us cool during the hot summer months. Plus, eating this way increases our necessary micronutrients that help us maintain (or lose) a healthy weight and keep our brains functioning better. 

Pro tip: Make your smoothies using frozen fruit, greens (powder) such as the Daily Fruit & Vegetable Blend – it contains 22 fruits & veggies and super foods to help support a balanced diet, raw nuts for a healthy fat & a quality protein powder, like the Daily Nutritional Support that has all of our vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, plus plant based protein all in one. 

#4 – Wear lighter colored clothes

Wearing white and light colored clothes helps reflect light off of your body which keeps you feeling cooler. Hat’s are a must this time of year, too!

Pro tip: Be super cool with a cute wide brimmed hat like this one and protect your skin at the same time. 

#5 – Adjust your skincare 

During the warmer months, we don’t need heavy moisturizers or aggressive treatments. Lighter weight moisturizers like Dermalogica’s Active Moist feel amazing on the skin, and allow your skin to breathe. Don’t use your actives (retinols, glycolic, etc.) during the warmer months as your skin will feel uncomfortable and can cause hyperpigmentation and do more harm than good. 

Pro tip: Don’t neglect your skin during the summer. Summer facials include a beautiful raspberry peach enzyme masque that is lighter and gentler to the skin, yet still effective. If you haven’t booked yet, or need help deciding what’s best for YOUR skin, it’s time! Click here to get on the schedule.