Detox FAQ’s

Why is a Functional Medicine Detox one of the first steps on my root cause roadmap?

Common Detox FAQ's AnsweredIt’s an incredible way to jumpstart any healing journey!

You need to improve your habits when you’re trying to get well and STAY well. Not only does this Functional Medicine Detox empty years of built-up toxins and prepare your body for deeper levels of healing, but it’s also a reset for your mind.

It involves changing eating habits, fasting, cleaning up your meals, and starting supplements that I recommend staying on long-term because they are powerful and give you so much energy.

You’re going to detox at a cellular level and empty YEARS of built-up toxins.

No matter your goals, this detox will help you get there MUCH MUCH faster…whether that’s losing weight, gaining more energy, or feeling younger, no matter what it is, this detox is a massive kickstart!

AND, it gives you a MASSIVE win, QUICKLY…meaning you will be much more motivated to continue on the roadmap and make changes needed for lasting health. Motivation is essential to stay committed and stay on course!

What are the benefits of Dr. Cabral's detox?

Toxins are one of the biggest root causes of disease in the body, and when you dump years of toxins, it impacts every cell and organ in your body and allows them to function better. This allows for significant improvement with nearly all symptoms. It’s been shown to help with…

Dry skin
Brain fog
Hormone Imbalances
Sustained and healthy weight loss
Mood Disorders
Deeper sleep
Less anxiety
More energy
Sharper thinking
Improved digestion
Restored nutrients deficiencies
Clearer skin
Overall better mood

You’ll likely notice a significant improvement in how you feel once the detox is complete, although results can vary based on factors like your total toxic load, diet, and lifestyle.

Can I use my infrared sauna during detox?

Using the sauna during your detox is highly recommended, as it can accelerate the detoxification process and enhance the overall success of your detox journey.

However, if you’re feeling drained on your fasting days, avoiding the sauna and giving your body time to rest and recuperate is best. Fasting can be demanding on the body, and taking a break can facilitate the detoxification and healing process.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for the detox?

If you’re looking to maximize the benefits of your upcoming detox, there are a few steps you can take to prepare your body. Check out my blog, which offers several helpful tips on how to get ready for your detox journey. You can access the post by clicking here.

Will this detox help me lose weight?

While this detox program is an excellent starting point for those seeking to kickstart their weight loss journey, it’s worth noting that anyone can reap the rewards of detoxification, regardless of their weight loss goals. The extent of weight loss may vary depending on factors such as your toxic load and the detox duration, but shedding anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds is common.

What if I don’t want to lose weight?

If you’re not looking to lose weight, consider incorporating a cup of blueberries into your smoothies on days 3 to 7, and add more permissible starches like sweet potatoes to your meals. Additionally, if you’re not keen on losing weight, you can opt out of the fasting days. However, bear in mind that fasting days offer significant benefits, and skipping them may affect the overall outcome of your detox experience.

Does the Dr. Cabral detox come with meals, or do I need to do additional grocery shopping?

You’ll receive an adequate supply of Daily Nutritional Support powder for your breakfast, afternoon shakes, and all the shakes you’ll need during your fasting days as part of the detox package.

However, you’ll need to purchase the ingredients for your lunch and dinner items, except for the fasting days when you won’t consume any solid foods. Notably, the detox kit includes a comprehensive food shopping guide to aid you in your shopping.

You won’t be eating out; so many people save money during the detox.

Do you have recipe suggestions?

YES! I’ve compiled a lot of yummy recipe ideas for you! You can find them here!

What if the detox doesn’t work for me?

Toxins are present in all of us, although some individuals expel them faster than others.

The longer your detox, the more benefits you will experience. If you only committed to a 7-day, you will still benefit, but not NEARLY as much as if you commit to a 14 or 21-day.

Even if you don’t experience significant changes immediately, you reduce your toxic load whenever you consume a DNS shake, detox supplement, or healthy meal. Therefore, a functional medicine detox can be advantageous for anyone.

I’m nervous. What can I expect?

I understand! If this is your first detox, it can be overwhelming. I want you to feel prepared, so read my Before Your Detox blog here and my blog on What To Expect During Your Detox here.

Can I still drink coffee during the detox?

For optimal outcomes, it’s best to avoid coffee and caffeine. To prepare for detoxing, gradually reduce your coffee intake the week before starting. Abruptly stopping coffee can lead to withdrawal symptoms, which can be mistaken for detox symptoms.

However, if you prefer to continue consuming coffee, limiting yourself to no more than 6 ounces of black, mold-free coffee is best. I also recommend drinking your coffee before noon so it doesn’t mess with your sleep.

Can I do this detox if I have dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! The detox program is free of GMOs, gluten, nuts, dairy, eggs, and soy.
You can customize your meals based on your dietary limitations and scrutinize the components in the DNS shake and the other two supplements to prevent adverse reactions.

If you are allergic to one of the ingredients in the DNS shake or detox supplements, do not take them. Just following the diet and schedule alone is hugely healing and detoxing!

Does the Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) break a fast?

The DNS powder provides 15 grams of protein in every two scoops, which can cause a break in your fast for many individuals. Therefore, while fasting, consuming only one scoop of the powder is recommended four times a day, providing 7.5 grams of protein per shake. You can use a glucometer to track your blood sugar levels; as long as your blood sugar remains below 95, you are still fasting.

This is my first detox. How do I know if 21 days is suitable for me?

If this is your first time, opt for the 21-day detox, as it is an excellent method for reducing a lifetime of toxin accumulation. While a 7 or 14-day detox can still be advantageous, a 21-day program is ideal for beginners and REALLY helps kickstart your healing journey.

No matter where you’re at or what your goals are, this is an incredible place to start!

When I cut out sugar or fast, I feel weak and faint. Do you have suggestions?

Before starting the detox, I recommend consulting with your healthcare provider to ensure it is appropriate for you. If you choose to proceed with the detox, it is suggested to skip the fasting days and focus on maintaining adequate hydration by incorporating minerals and electrolytes into your diet. Drinking water infused with lemon or lime and adding a pinch of sea salt can maximize hydration levels.

To avoid weight loss, add spinach and blueberries to your smoothies. If eating becomes necessary during the initial two days, follow the instructions for days 3-7.

I’m in the middle of the detox and feeling INCREDIBLE! How do I maintain these results?

It’s no surprise to me 🙂 I’m delighted you’re seeing fantastic results! I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to sustain the momentum and keep moving forward!

What should I do if I miss a shake or capsules?

The objective of the detox is progress, not perfection. If you accidentally skip something, continue the detox program as scheduled. The aim is to enhance hydration, optimize liver detoxification, and reduce stress. Nothing bad will happen if you accidentally miss a capsule.

What if my schedule doesn’t allow me to follow the guidelines suggested in my kit?

The detox program was designed with great care to maximize outcomes, but you can adapt it to suit your requirements. Refrain from having your initial shake before 6 am and spacing out the remaining shakes by 3.5-4 hours. As much as possible, adhere to the list of authorized foods and allocate time for food preparation to ensure a successful outcome.

Who can do the detox?

Most can complete this detox, but please consult your health practitioner if you:

Are under the age of 18
Are pregnant or breastfeeding
Have liver or kidney disease
Have a gallbladder condition
Have appendicitis or a history of it
Have an eating disorder
Have Type 1 diabetes
On medications that are contraindicated with any ingredients in the detox shakes or supplements.

Should I continue on my prescribed medications while doing the detox?

You should seek advice from your healthcare provider to verify that none of the shakes and/or supplement ingredients conflict with your prescribed medications. Unless instructed otherwise by your healthcare practitioner, please continue taking all prescribed medications throughout the duration of the detox.

What can I drink while on this detox besides water and the shakes?

During the detox program, you can drink unsweetened and caffeine-free herbal tea. You may have 6 ounces of black coffee in the morning if necessary. Refrain from consuming coconut water or drinks with natural or added sugar. To guarantee that you consume pure water in all your approved beverages, utilize a filtration system like the TheraH20 pitcher.

Can I exercise during the detox?

Certainly, unless you are feeling depleted on fasting days, pay attention to your body’s signals and take it easy if required. The primary objective of the detox program is to supply the body with essential nutrients to facilitate toxin removal, rest, and rejuvenation.

So yes, you can exercise; just don’t overdo it!

Can I do the detox if I cannot swallow pills?

Yes! The capsules can be broken apart and mixed into your shakes.

What do I do if I am experiencing bloating while on the detox?

This may indicate weak digestion. To alleviate the issue, try consuming your shake gradually over 60 to 90-minute intervals. This should result in an improvement.

Can children do this detox?

Children shouldn’t undergo the detox program; however, there are several ways to provide them with nutritional support. Children can consume the Daily Nutritional Support shakes with a single scoop instead of two and choose healthy food alongside you.