How to Prepare for Your Detox

WoooHooo! I’m so happy you’re here because that means you’ve decided or are getting close to moving forward on a Functional Medicine Detox, and I couldn’t be happier for you!

This life-changing program has helped 10’s of 1000’s of people change their health, and you’re next!

It was one of the most game-changing things I’ve done on my health journey and is always step one on my protocol roadmap to feeling amazing and supporting my clients and community in reaching their goals FAST.

How To Have The Best Detox Experience Possible

The detox is a simple and straightforward program with all the instructions you’ll need to succeed.

BUT, what I’ve found after helping countless people through this detox is that the more you prepare ahead of time, the more successful you will be!

In this blog, I will help you prepare your mind, body, family, and kitchen to help you knock this detox out of the park and start feeling amazing!

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How To Prepare For Your Detox

My goal is for you to complete this detox so you can see all the excellent benefits I’ve seen others experience.

If it’s your first time, you might have some light detox symptoms or struggle to stick with the program if you aren’t clear on what to expect or what to do if symptoms DO come up.

I’ve created another blog JUST for that purpose! Learn more about what to expect here.

Let’s dive in and help you have the best experience possible!

How To Prepare Your Body

  • Caffeine:  Gradually decrease your caffeine intake one to two weeks before starting the detox to avoid caffeine withdrawal symptoms that can be mistaken for detox symptoms. 

If you stop coffee cold turkey on the day of the detox, you’re likely to experience withdrawal headaches. Going off of coffee 100% is not required during the detox, though I’d recommend less than 1 cup daily in the morning.  Alternatively, you can switch to decaf.

  • Sweating: Do you currently sweat several times a week?  Sweating is a great way to support your body in removing toxins. It’s not required but will help your body and liver process and remove more toxins.  You can exercise, use an infrared sauna, or take a warm bath to encourage sweating.
  • Bowel Movements:  Make sure you are pooping every day (twice a day is best), as pooping is crucial for eliminating toxins from your body. If you struggle in this area, try drinking warm lemon water with sea salt each morning or using other methods such as abdominal massage, magnesium citrate, dry brushing, fiber-rich foods, and coffee enemas to keep things moving. 

Keep in mind, during fasting days, it’s not uncommon to not have a bowel movement for a day or two.  Your bowels will start moving again once you eat on days 3-4.

  • Binders:  Consider taking a binder supplement during the detox to bind and safely remove toxins from your body. A binder can lessen any detox symptoms you may experience and increase the amount of toxins your body can eliminate. 
  • Keep your lymphatic system moving:  Your lymphatic system surrounds your organs, holds a LOT of toxins, and plays a crucial role in detoxification.  Keeping it moving with exercise, rebounding on a trampoline, and dry brushing can help prevent stagnation and help you avoid symptoms.

BONUS: Support your liver with additional tools: You can support your liver and liver bile ducts (little tubes that go from your liver to your gut and help you move toxins out of the body) with warm lemon water, dandelion tea, milk thistle tea, and coffee enemas.  These are not required, but give your liver some extra support!

How To Prepare Your Mind

  • Mindset:  The success of your detox relies heavily on your mindset. It’s essential that you go into the detox believing that you will complete it and that it WILL improve your health. Staying positive helps you push through the hard days (fasting days) and see the wins as they start to come!
  • What’s your why?: I like to have people identify WHY they are doing this detox. Why do you want to feel more energy?  Why do you want fewer symptoms?  What will life look like once you experience the transformation you’re looking for? 

Write them down and place them somewhere visible so you can be reminded each day why you’re choosing to keep moving forward even when it’s challenging!  It’s also helpful to speak with your family and share your WHY.

  • Create a mantra:  Identify a mantra or quote that speaks to and inspires you throughout the process. One of my favorites is, “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” 

How To Prepare Your Family

  • Share Your Motivation & Why: It’s important that your family understands your motivation behind doing this detox and how important it is to you. Having their support can be a significant factor in your success.
  • Ask them to join:  Consider inviting family members to join you! Detoxing with family can make things easier and more fun as you can cook and eat the same meals!
  • You’ll be eating at home more:  Inform them that you’ll focus on home-cooked meals during the detox, so you won’t be eating out.  If you DO plan on eating out, ensure you’re eating at healthy restaurants and still following the meal plan. This can be challenging on weekends when you might be in the habit of going out to your favorite restaurants.  Remember, this is only 7, 14, or 21 days!
  • Mark your fasting days on the calendar:  Let your family know when you’ll be fasting and that you may experience mood swings as your body adjusts. Request their understanding, and don’t feel guilty for prioritizing your health. 

How To Prepare Your Kitchen

  • Remove temptations:  Before beginning your detox, it’s important to declutter your pantry and fridge. Remove tempting snacks, as there is no need to have them around! Here’s the detox-approved foods list for reference.  
  • Stock up on detox-approved foods: The detox comes with an approved foods list (above).  Day 3 is the first day you’ll dive into cooking, so you want to ensure you have detox-approved foods around.  You can also prepare your menu ahead of time with lots of delicious detox-approved recipes.  You can check out some amazing recipes here

Performing these extra steps before a detox will make this an easier and more enjoyable experience!

You can also dive into some additional resources I put together to help you have the most successful detox possible!

If you haven’t already, make sure to order your detox here!

I look forward to seeing you in the group and hearing about your detox wins!  You can join my Facebook group here and get support throughout your detox journey!  

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